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The Benefits of Grinding Your Own Coffee
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by Jacob K

Coffee can mean so much more than just getting your caffeine fix; coffee can be a work of art. For a better tasting, exquisitely delicious coffee, you need to start grinding your own beans.

Grinding coffee adds about 30 seconds to the coffee-making process and boatloads of flavor. Pre-ground coffee is convenient, so if you only drink coffee for the energy boost, it is probably your best choice.

However, if you want an enlivening, aromatic coffee experience, consider grinding your beans. Once you begin, you will never want to turn back.

Within a single coffee bean lie 400 volatile organic compounds, all excitable to your senses. Coffee is packaged in a crispy shell that preserves the compounds until grinding. Essentially, coffee beans act as their freshness package, eliminating the need for airtight storage for your grounds.

The process of grinding exposes the coffee bean’s interior to the air. When in contact with the air, it reacts and oxidizes, releasing fantastic smelling aromatic compounds. As soon as you grind your coffee, you will detect the scrumptious scent.

Within the following 15 minutes, the scent dissipates, as well as the flavor. Accordingly, the grounds must be brewed immediately for the perfect cup.

When ground, the beans release pent up carbon dioxide, pushing the flavorful organic admixture into the water. The longer the coffee is left unbrewed, the more carbon dioxide escapes, reducing the flavor's quality.

Many of the better tasting compounds come from the lipids in the coffee bean. Once ground into tiny particles, moisture in the air dilutes water-soluble lipids. The bean oils then begin to evaporate, attracting external odors to the coffee. To protect the grounds, they must be promptly brewed or stored in an airtight container.

Overall, by freshly grinding your coffee, you will have the best smelling and tasting cup around.

By grinding your coffee, you can customize the fineness of the grounds to ensure they are the perfect size for your coffee machine. French presses, percolators, and plungers require coarse particles. Vacuum, drip-brewers, and siphon pots need medium grounds.

Use finely-ground coffee in flip-drips, espresso makers, and ordinary drippers. For Turkish or Greek coffee, grind them into an ultra-fine powder.

When investing in high-quality coffee, such as our freshly roasted and packaged coffee, you want to maximize the flavor. If you are only drinking it for the energy boost, you may as well use any coffee. But if you are a coffee connoisseur, grinding up fresh-roasted beans for your coffeemaker will give you the best experience and truly optimize the specialty beans.